Snacks & Teeth

Guys, I’ve been so bad at documenting milestones. So, here are a couple of updates.

  1. Last week, I whipped up some sweetpotato and breast milk purée. It was hilarious. He hated it. We decided to try out solids at 5 months because Henry is such a little food monster. Well, milk monster… Here’s a video​:
  2. Henry’s also sprouted two tiny, mini, adorable little teefers 💛 Suddenly, he’s just so big. 
  3. Tonight, Henry ate some smushed peas (2 to be exact) from my plate off my finger. He seemed to enjoy this much more than the sweet potato. Such a little cutie pie. There’s something so special about our little dinners with the 4 of us. Pretty in love with my family. 

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