Our First Date

Mark and I had our first “date” last weekend… After we put Charlotte to bed, Mark drove 35 minutes to our favorite ramen joint for takeout.

In that time, I got Henry to sleep. When he got home at 9 pm, we enjoyed a delicious and kid-free dinner 🙂

Not exactly what it used to be, but it’s something!

4 thoughts on “Our First Date

  1. Every bit counts when you’re parents, am I right?!?
    I can SO relate to this! (…although Nate and I haven’t been all that great at even scheduling ‘little’ at-home dates like this. We decided that we need to change that, so we’ve been brainstorming. And you’d better believe that Chinese food take-out made our list. Ha, ha!). 🙂
    I’m glad you got to enjoy a meal that you didn’t have to cook!

    • It’s literally the only date we’ve had (over and over again) for months 🙂 Tochi Ramen in West Bend. I get the tochi ramen with tofu instead of pork belly (but still with the crispy pork) and the bratstickers app. Mmmmm. Suddenly hungry for ramen 🍜

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