More Costumes!

Charlotte had another Purim celebration at school yesterday… so of course, she needed a new costume. God forbid she wears the same costume twice.

So, being that I have issues, I forced Mark to stay up late with me on Wednesday night so we could whip together another costume. This time, we would transform our little Super C into a cuddly little black bear.

When I made her Super C costume, I used liquid stitch instead of sewing, so it was pretty darn easy. The downfall? She smelled like glue (yeah, that can’t be healthy). This time, I didn’t have enough time for the glue to dry and wanted to avoid the stench… so Mark and I were left sewing.

I started with a furry vest of mine that I just don’t wear. I put it on C and made some very rough measurements (she was not feeling it). Then, I got to chopping. I cut every which way until the adult sized vest was a bit more toddler-sized. Then, I sewed buttons on the back to fasten it.

I used excess fur on the knees of her pants and to make ears.

After about… 4-5 hours, we were done! 

 And, just like magic, our little C wore her costume all day. In fact, I think she really enjoyed it. She loved the ears and had a great day!



 Nana came for the celebration. It was a literal BLAST! So much fun watching our sweet girl. And, during the service portion where they spoke in only Hebrew for about 40 minutes, little C sat on my lap SO PATIENTLY. I was bored and chatting up Nana, but Charlotte was such a patient, good girl. I was proud.






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