Charlotte’s First Performance

In celebration of Purim, Charlotte’s school put on a carnival with a special little “World’s Greatest Circus” Show. Each of the kiddies participated in some way, including MY GIRL!

When we first arrived, I dropped C off with her class. The “staging area” was chaotic with kids and stage people getting everything ready. Little Charlie, being the timid little miss that she is, was instantly overwhelmed. I tried to get her pumped up, but ultimately, left her standing with her teacher… in tears sobs.


 We all got a seat and I sat there stressing. Will Charlie actually get out on stage in front of all of these people? No way. Oy. Is she going to start bawling her eyes out in the middle and I’ll have to go and grab her?

I know, I know… ultimately, who cares? But I was nervous for her!

The introductions dragged on, but then, it was finally time! The kiddies came out and our little nugget walked in front of the big crowd holding one of the K4 student’s hands. 

 I was so impressed already, so imagine how surprised I was to then see my SUPER C volunteer to be the first little daredevil superhero to go through the crazy ring of fire…

Here’s her shining moment: 

 Want to know pathetic? I literally teared up. I know, so sad… but I got so stupidly nervous for her and she just did it! Like such a big girl. I was proud.






 After the show, Charlie enjoyed all the games at the carnival! She even stayed still and got her hand painted. Our little tot is really growing up so quickly.













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