A Food Miracle

 I’m sure I will regret saying this, as I’m sure to jinx the magic, but we have had three GREAT toddler food days in a row.

Charlotte are veggies. Just picked them up and ate them. No hiding them in anything. No struggle.

She ate chicken stir fry and meatloaf. 

Tonight, was her biggest meal in so long. 

For dinner, she ate:

  • Chicken & sun dried tomatoes (probably at least 2 big slices of chicken) 
  • Green beans
  • Some Indian spiced chicken soup (and she ate more chunks of chicken)
  • 3/4 a vegetarian stuffed grape leaf
  • Cucumber (2-3 slices)
  • A bite of zucchini and brocolli 
  • A couple bites of banana
  • Two bowls of berries
  • A small bowl of mac and cheese

So, before you judge all the randomness, we had a “take out” night, which entails us eating a smorgasbord that my husband picks up from the deli and hot bar at our local co-op. 

While part of me thinks C’s groundbreakingly improved eating habits are likely random, we have also made some significant changes lately.

  1. Only 1-2 small and healthy snacks per day (given around 10 am and after her afternoon nap). We used to let her eat as much of the healthy snack as she wanted. Now, it’s quite limited and we’ve been making it protein based. 

    Snacking on two whole wheat crackers with almond butter.

  2. We all eat the same thing at the same time. As much as I love family dinners, with Charlotte getting hungry by 5/530, it’s difficult to have family dinners, as hubs usually isn’t home yet. However, the past three or so nights have been great. 
  3. Dinner is what it is. We tell Charlotte that she doesn’t have to eat it, but we leave it in front of her and leave her in her chair while we eat. Every night, she’s come around and ended up tasting and enjoying the meal. And ultimately, if she doesn’t want to eat it, we are okay sending her to bed hungry. It’s definitely happened. 

Exciting, right? 

I’m definitely going to enjoy these peaceful mealtimes for as long as they last!

6 thoughts on “A Food Miracle

    • In the past, steamed zucchini has always been a big hit (I cut it in spears and steam it). Lately, frozen green beans have been a winner. Also, fruit/veggie smoothies are a great way to pack in super foods like spinach and kale. But the struggle is real… Good luck!!

  1. I wasn’t judging your random meal… I was impressed at all the options!! 🙂 That’s awesome that the co-op provides that, so that you’re able to introduce her to so many flavors.
    Brady is a good eater ‘most’ days, but then he’ll decide that he just isn’t interested in food. Currently, his favorite meal is chicken pot pie or salmon. But that could change by tomorrow. Ha, ha.
    YAY for hungry toddlers who eat all their food!!

      • Honestly, it’s not a ‘recipe’, but Brady loves it. I just sprinkle garlic powder (a decent amount, because he loves garlic), salt, and pepper on a salmon filet. Then I bake it – covered with foil- in a baking dish (coated with nonstick spray) for 15 minutes at 450 degrees. I then remove the foil and bake it -uncovered- for 10 more minutes. It’s really good as long as you like the simple taste of fish. Another way I’ve cooked it is marinated in soy sauce, brown sugar, and garlic (but Brady has yet to try that recipe). And Brady also loves tilapia and haddock (I usually bake that covered in bread crumbs, shredded parmesan, and herbs). I can give you the exact recipe if you need that one. 🙂
        And yes, pot pie is so awesome, because it’s something we can all easily eat. And it’s full of veggies and shredded chicken, which is super great for a toddler. 🙂

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