LATE Weekend in Review


I’m all sorts of tardy with my blogging. Remember when I was 25 weeks pregnant? Yeah? Well, don’t expect to see a photo or update because somehow it’s already Thursday. BUT, I will post this very late update from our fun-filled weekend!

This past weekend was busy busy and Charlotte was just perfection. She is in this stage that’s literal magic. She’s still very much a sour patch kid, as my husband and I like to call her (a name we once used to describe me), but her sweet moments are just SO sweet and frequent.

Anyway, Friday we laid low. Our internet was out, so I’m pretty sure we ended up going to bed early that night. On Saturday, I took Charlotte to gymnastics class while Mark installed the new light fixture in the nursery (for baby boy) and waited for the cable guy. When we got home, it was time to pack up right away to meet our friends at our local nature preserve for the Winter Frolic.

It was absolutley adorable. There was a story time, a petting zoo (which was actually VERY creepy… it was reptiles and dead animal furs… C was creeped out by the furs), an indoor farmers market, a horse drawn carriage, and more. We had a lot of fun!

 Then, after the frolic, Mark left right away to go have a little boys night and left Charlotte and I to fend for ourselves 🙂 She napped and when she woke up, we went to my parents’ house for dinner. Charlotte had a blast carrying her tiny person chair all around the house and loving on her teddy (who has become even more of an obsession since we ditched the paci).

On Sunday, we painted in the morning and did lots of playing. Then, post-nap, it was superbowl time! We headed to our friends’ house to watch the game and spend time with their little kiddies. The whole thing was great.

Charlotte and their oldest, Ellie, are at a really good age to play together. They’re a year apart and always seem to be on different pages, but on Sunday, they played so well! AND, our friends have a new little one, too! You know how C feels about babies… so you can imagine how excited she was to sit with mommy and baby Ari and rub little Ari’s back. The whole thing was great!




Look at that hand holding..


I can’t even… so cute.

Dancing ladies

Hugs for Ari

Dancing Queens!

Holding Daddy’s hand

 All in all, a total whirlwind of a weekend (that left me feeling like I needed another weekend on Monday) and a total blast!

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