Heart Flutters

Our little pie was quite the sweetie tonight. After she drank her milk on my lap while we read stories, and daddy took her to brush her teeth while I sat in the kitchen zoning out, I heard a tiny voice calling my name.

“Maaa!? Momma?”

“Yes, Charlie?” (As I get up and walk into view of my little bunny – who is in daddy’s arms)

And to my heart melting surprise, Charlotte has her tiny arms reaching out for me. 

“Awww! Are you asking momma to put you to bed?”

She nods with a big smile as I scoop her up.

I don’t know if you guys remember a few weeks ago when she kept demanding daddy (by crying and reaching towards him)? Well, I haven’t forgotten. Not that I haven’t put her to bed pretty consistently since then… But tonight was different. 

Tonight was so sweet.

When we got into her room, she said, “mom mom” in a very giddy way and squeezed me for a big hug.

Excuse me while I melt. 


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