A Couple Presents for Bumpkins

Aside from making some nursery purchases yesterday (we are switching over the nursery from Charlotte’s zen little princess space to bumpkins’ rustic lodge), I’ve made a couple other budget purchases.

Since finding out baby bump is a boy, I just couldn’t resist. Thankfully, I am SO fortunate (yet again) to have excessive hand-me-downs coming my way from my sister (and nephew), so we really don’t need much. But, who can resist a good (and adorable) deal?

Here’s the loot…

One 6-12 month romper by Baby Boden purchased on a Facebook Buy, Sell, Trade Group (my new obsession) for only $3!

So cute, right? Thanks to my Milly for doing the dirty work and picking this one up for me!

And #2, some brand I can’t remember, but literally the softest and coziest jammy (that I wish came in my size but is instead 6-9 months) for only $4 from Marshalls.

I love good deals and can’t wait to meet the little mister who’s going to bring these cute little outfits to life! 

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