Beach Day & Other Weekend Goodness

How has it taken me so long to post this? Anyway, we had a great (and lowkey) weekend this past week. I’ll start with Sunday and work my way back…

It was a gorgeous day… although pretty hot (90+ deg)… so we decided to head to the beach. We picked up Mark’s dad and we were off to SUCH a lovely, local beach. The beach was clean and not overly crowded. The breeze felt amazing. The water was icy, but clear. It was awesome.

It was a great first day at the beach for C. She played with all of her new beach toys (THANK YOU to whoever bought these for her for her bday… there was no card, but she LOVES them!), loved the sand, and dipped her toes in the water. It was such a blast.

Other weekend highlights…

I went to see my sweet friend Carrie, her new babes Natalie, and her son Phoenix! Such a super woman… two under two (and both so cute)!

Had dinner with my parents and heard all about their Vegas Vacation…

 We had brunch with our friends from Chicago and found out they’re expecting a little babe this coming January. It was fun to get Charlotte out to see them… she was okay… not 100% behaved, but not too bad!

Later in the day on Saturday, our other sweet little friends came over for lunch and some catch up. They brought a birthday gift for little Charlotte that has become her literal OBSESSION. Charlotte received this purse.

I cannot even begin to explain how this girl loves the purse. I’d recommend it to anyone… but beware, the songs are SO catchy… 

 On Friday we picked up Mark’s momma and took her for happy hour/dinner at a seafood spot near us. It was DELISH and so much fun to get out on a Friday night. Charlotte was perfection. No tears, no whining… just a little table nibbling.

All in all, it was a great weekend!

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