Another great weekend

This summer has been so much fun! I feel like with my June 27th… Or 28th (I can’t remember) due date and my July 16th delivery, I spent a whole heck of a lot of the summer waiting for baby to arrive and hibernating once she did.

Regardless, we are definitely making up for it now. Between the fun family activities and visiting with friends, it’s just been a blast. 

Friday we had a low-key evening with my folks. Nothing too crazy, just a quick dinner at mom’s and then off to bed for the little one and some wine and relaxation (aka tutu making) for hubs and I. 

Tutus are done!   
On Saturday, I went and got a mani with my mom and sis and then mom and I went to Costco… It was time to do some party shopping. 

Then, Mark’s momma came over to play with C and Marky and I headed to our friend’s for her lake’s annual fire works and a fun little BBQ!

On Sunday, after some family snuggles, we met Mark’s mom at the breeder because she got a new and totally adorable new pup. She’s the cutest!

  After naps, marky and Charlie went to his dad’s for their weekly visit and I went to my friend Jenna’s kiddies’ bday party! She made the cutest dang ninja turtle cakes ever. Also, I’m obsessed with her potted plants. Such a pretty arrangement.

After the party, it was time for dinner with my brosef who’s in town! 


3 thoughts on “Another great weekend

  1. I totally know what you mean about making up for lost time- I think I stayed in doors ALL summer practically last year. I def lacked in the vitamin D department- this year I am all about enjoying the weather and feeling of summer. Such an awesome time our little ones were born- love the summer birthdays!!!

      • Awww, I’m saying prayers now for good weather!!!! It will be awesome no matter what : ) Can’t wait to see all the Tutu pics!!! I wanted so badly to have every child where one of those party hats and by the time it came time every one was just all over the place..make the tutus happen no matter what, you’ll be happy!

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