My Favorite Coworker

People always ask me, “How do you get anything done at work with your baby there?”

I try to explain that for one, the girl sleeps like an infant. She literally takes two giant naps each day (some days better than others). Her morning nap starts anywhere from 8:30-9:45 to around 11:30-12… today it was until 1pm! And her second nap from around 2:30-3:30 until 4:30-5:30ish. That’s a lot of sleep.

Anyway, with my hubs coming pretty much every day for lunch, I really only have about an hour of awake, non-lunch time with her. That brings me to the second reason it’s been pretty easy… this girl plays VERY well on her own. Today, I decided to capture just how well she plays. Please note that these note cards kept her busy for a good 10 minutes until I finally interupted so I could feed her some lunch.


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