A Lonely Week

I’m a very lucky wife and momma. Monday through Friday, week after week, hubby wakes up with Charlie, changes her diaper and maybe even changes her into real clothes and/or cooks/feeds her breakfast.

Then, at lunch time, he comes to see us at work. Every. Day. 

Most nights, he’s home to help feed Charlotte her dinner or hang out and get her ready for bed. On the really good nights, he’ll read us her bedtime stories.

It’s perfection. 

This week, my guy is out of town for work. Monday through Friday… 

It sucks.

And of course, I’m fighting whatever nasty illness my poor hubby is fighting and I’ve been absolutely exhausted.

My first day alone and it was already a little rough. Charlotte was up at 5 am, she cried for about an hour this morning before going down for her morning nap, she was wildly hyper and simultaneously exhausted during our ladies’ lunch, her second nap was ended abruptly by a startling noise, she woke up screaming her face off, and then she refused to go to bed even though she was exhausted. Oh, and did I mention that our dog chewed through our wooden baby gate (finally after two years of hard work destroying the damn thing – thankfully he wasn’t hurt by the scary death trap).

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

And hopefully I can sleep tonight. A king sized bed seems pretty damn lonely with only Toby the 5 lb pup and I to fill it. 

Now that I think about it… Hopefully Charlie sleeps tonight. Fingers crossed.

 Post-work playtime:  

She may have been a handful today, but at least she was still a sweetie pie… 


And finally, time for mommy to kick her heels up (and plug in the monitor)!


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