A Few of my Favorite Things

I have been so terrible about taking Charlie’s weekly photos (because taking them is just as fun as scratching my eyeballs out) and the corresponding updates. With that in mind, here are some of Charlie’s favorite things these days:

  1. Pointing. The little chickadee is constantly pointing at EVERYTHING. She doesn’t say anything, but in my head I hear her saying, “This? This? That? This? This? Want this! This!” Today I said, “Charlie, look at the trees” and she pointed right at them.  
  2. Toby’s leash. Few things get Charlotte more excited that the opportunity to hold (and whip around) Toby’s leash. It’s ideal when he’s attached to it, but not essential.  
  3. Bunny. The girl is glued to her bunny.  
  4. Bread. Hands down, Charlie’s #1 food is bread.  
  5. Princess Doll House. Charlotte loves to play with her princess dollhouse.    nytime I pull it out for her, she gives me a round of applause.   
  6. Family. Miss Charlotte loves her family. Whether it’s mommy or daddy, her cousins, her Aunts and Uncles, Grandparents… she loves them all!  
  7. Green vegetables and fruit. Her top veggies are asparagus and zucchini. She eats both in such large quantities… it’s nuts. And fruit… no matter how full she is, she’ll make room for some berries any day.  
  8. Pulling herself up to standing. Any opportunity she gets, she’s up!  
  9. Toby & Ollie. Charlotte LOVES her pets. They make her laugh, smile, and crawl at extreme speeds to catch them.  
  10. Outdoors. Charlie really seems to be enjoying the warming weather. She does lots of smiling in the warm breeze and seems totally fascinated by the colors of the trees and sky.  

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