Low Milk Supply

Over the past two months, I’ve gone on three trips without baby Charlotte (to Seattle with my girlies and to Puerto Rico and New Mexico for weddings). Not to mention, I’ve had a few nights away with the hubs to Chicago for my birthday and for random evenings out with friends.

While I’ve had a blast, my body is suffering a bit.

Before this last trip, I was starting to notice that my milk supply was down, but since I’ve been back, it’s been so low. Charlotte ends each of her four daily nursing sessions in tears because she wants more milk.

It’s so frustrating and upsetting.

I’ve been chugging liquids today and am going to eat a ton of oatmeal in the coming days to help increase my milk supply, but I’m a little worried that this far into the game (10.5 months into nursing), that my body isn’t going to be able to recover and rebuild my supply. So worried that I might also add another daily pump session… and I HATE pumping.

My original plan was to nurse for the first year, but truly, I don’t see Charlotte or I being ready to give up nursing in a month and a half. She’s naturally weaned a bit, drinking closer to 25 ounces compared to the 40+ she was consuming before. But despite the mild wean, she still loves nursing and shows no signs of being done. Not to mention the fact that I’m not ready… at all… either. I love our quiet, sweet time together.

Nursing my little babe is pretty much my favorite part of each day. She’s just so sweet and cuddly during those times.

With that said, I have to apologize to my friend who asked me for my pre-momma opinion of her nursing her babe until 1.5 years old. I shouldn’t have judged… I get it. Love you, J!

12 thoughts on “Low Milk Supply

      • Because I was pregnant and I knew my body needed such an excessive amount of calories that I couldn’t keep up with, I didn’t try to boost my supply. I didn’t think it would last long, even if it worked for awhile. I’ve heard fenugreek (an herbal supplement) has helped a few moms who have had trouble. I honestly kind of just gave up because it was taking such a toll on my body both emotionally and physically. Next time, I’m planning on doing anything and everything in my power to nurse until at least a year. Don’t give up. Try a few different methods. I hope you can boost your supply! Those are sweet times that I hope you get to experience for much longer! Good Luck!

      • Also, the tea called “mother’s milk” was recommended to me when I was having trouble. Again, I didn’t try it, but it worked for another mom I know.

  1. Aww…haha. I remember that day. Glad to see you feel the same way now 🙂 Isn’t nursing just the greatest thing ever… 33 months total between my 2 boys!!!

  2. Have you tried Mother’s Milk Tea? It takes like black licorice. Also, when my supply goes down, I make a batch of lactation cookies. They’re delicious, and they really do work. (I can send you my recipe if you need one). And last but not least, don’t laugh, Gatorade really works! I’m not sure if it’s the electrolytes or not, but it really does work!
    Hugs and I hope your milk supply tarts to pick up soon! I understand the frustration! I always just have enough, so I’m still taking it one day at a time. But like you, I’m surprised by how special the time is, and I’m really not ready to let it go either!

  3. I went 22 mos. with J. When I went back to work I reduced it to morning before leaving when I came home and right before bedtime. If you want to maintain I think you have to pump manually once a day and dispose if it if you don’t want to save it. And drinking lots!!!! That’s all I remember that worked. Good luck sweetie 💋

    • I do pump once a day (my least favorite time of day)… I’m working on chugging tons of water, drinking mother’s milk tea – some tea to boost production, I’m going to start taking fenugreek – a supplement to boost production, and my fave – I plan to make some lactation cookies – cookies to boost production… And hopefully feed my sweet tooth. Thanks for the support! We’re managing right now… No signs of stopping, though, which is greats

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