We’re Home!!

After a cancelled flight, an extra night away and a long day of travel, we are finally home. We got back yesterday afternoon at around 2:30. 

I was a little nervous about the reunion with Charlie because the last time I left, she seemed pretty pissed off. 

Of course, we arrived about 30 minutes past when Charlotte should have been napping, so the odds weren’t in our favor… But truly, it wasn’t so bad!

She gave big hugs and a lot of confused laughter. We brought her home and I put her down for her nap right away. I ended up having to go back in to soothe her a bit, but she finally fell asleep around 4:45… As did I. 

Mark got home from his couple hour stint at work, I made dinner, we ate and relaxed. Around 7:15, I put my ear up against the door to see if she was awake (our monitor wasn’t hooked up from the babysitting adventure). Of course, my creeping woke her.

She literally woke in tears, which is not common for Charlotte. It took a bit of distracting in the form of song, dance and pets… But we finally settled her. We fed her dinner, gave her a bath and played a bit.

From dinner on, she was absolutely perfect. So fun to be around, very happy and adorable as ever. 

Now, it’s 7:20 am and the pumpkin is still sleeping. Hopefully today we’ll be back to our regular routine. 

Wish me luck!

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