Puppy Play, Chugging & Nap Time Cuteness

Today was my first full day back with my little tiny one, and despite a rough start, we had a great day. Here are a couple videos from the day…

1) Charlie FINALLY got the hang of playing with her pup and Toby finally found the tolerance to play with her. The result? A whole heck of a lot of cute!

2) I’ve been meaning to get this on video… my baby is the ultimate chugger. It’s absurd! Literally every time she takes a sip from her cup, it’s as if she’s entered in a chugging contest. She’s quite dramatic…

3) The last video for the day is of my sweet pumpkin being a cutie pie before nap time.


2 thoughts on “Puppy Play, Chugging & Nap Time Cuteness

    • I’m not sure they’re full on friends yet… But it’s good progress! Fingers crossed that the trend continues. If only I could get her to stop pulling his tail and whiskers…

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