Saved by the Big Girl Poop

I had two baby poop blunders today. This morning, I’m changing little miss’s diaper with my mom Playing the role of entertainer (have I mentioned that charlotte is a squirmer?). I’m in a spacey zone when all of a sudden my mom starts yelling, “Melissa! She’s not done!!”

I look down to discover more poop… BUT! Unlike what I expected, this was slow and steady, big girl poop. Literally, one week ago, there would have been nasty explosive baby poop all over every wall… But today, nada! It just made it’s pasty way into the diaper that was sitting under her. 

Later in the afternoon, I was once again changing a poop diaper and was one again spacing out. I was in a routine, not really paying attention, ready to go home for the day. I slid the poopy diaper out of the way, not noticing how close I was to the edge of the desk (aka my changing table at work). All of a sudden, KERPLUNK! 

The damn diaper fell poo-side down on the carpet. Shit!

I finished changing her, plopped her on the floor in front of her toys and made my way back to the fallen dipe.

To my pleasant surprise, it was barely a mess! I was once again saved by Charlie’s big girl poo. So, a few wipes and antibacterial spray later, we were good to go! 

As my apology for all the poo talk, here are a couple cutie pie beet face pics for your enjoyment.

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