Two Years of Wedded Bliss

Love this man.

Love this man.

As I mentioned the other day, yesterday was my two year anniversary with the hubs. It’s crazy to think it’s already been two years, but when I think back to all the amazing experiences and memories we’ve shared, it feels like it must be longer than that.

When I think of all the heartache – losing three grandparents in less than a year – and all the joy – welcoming the sweetest little angel into this world – we’ve experienced and grown through, I know that getting married was the best decision of our lives. We really complement eachother so well. We work so well together. Our life is ours. Not his or mine.

I’m very, very grateful for my husband.

Cheers to our beautiful wedding, our amazing love and our lifelong friendship.

And now, enjoy our lovely wedding video (we watch it every year on our anniversary… two years running 🙂 )

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