75 Weeks Together

As of last week Wednesday, my sweet girl and I have been together for 75 weeks… 43 as an inside baby and 32 in this wonderful world.

In the scheme of my life, 75 weeks isn’t that significant of a timeframe, but in the scheme of my heart and life, it’s everything.

Being a mommy to my sweet Charlotte over the past 75 weeks has been the most magical and beautiful experience of my life. It’s hard to imagine a time when she wasn’t in my life. My life definitely went from black and white to color. I didn’t know the richness I would add to my life with such a tiny little love.

In just one week, there has been such joy and change. She’s a professional crawler, she waves, she talks nonstop, she has these crazy episodes of excitement that are just absurd (I’ll post a video soon), she grabs onto me like a koala, she’s getting way better with strangers and non- mommy/daddy folk… She’s just amazing.







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