The Poop Saga Continues

As I mentioned, when Charlotte turned 6 months, we started her on solids. And boy did she LOVE eating… Until all of a sudden, for no apparent reason, she stopped loving it.

Her mushy baby food just was not cutting it. I had started with sweet potatoes, and then avocado next. She seemed to really love the avocado, but broke out in a crazy rash all over her tummy, arms and back, so we said goodbye to avocado.

We then went back to sweet potatoes. It went really well at first, and then with the wind, she refused to eat more than a bite. Next, we tried peas. Same story. She’d take a few forced bites and that was it.


So, I decided to give “baby led weaning” a try. The gist is that you give your babe big pieces of food for them to feed themselves.

The whole concept gave (and still gives) me severe anxiety. Hello, choking hazard.

The first day, I gave Charlotte a few green beans from my homemade (minimal salt) vegetable soup. She loved it!



We also gave her some small pieces of carrot. It was all great until the dang thing made her gag and she barfed all over. Mmmm.

Anyway, the next day, I gave her more green beans and a slice of apple. For the apple, I warmed it in the microwave and mushed it a bit. She loved it!


Now, the bad part… While Charlie’s taste buds seem to be loving the new foods, her tummy seems less than amused.

I should preface this by saying that when we were in Philadelphia for Mark’s grandfather’s funeral, I VERY STUPIDLY ate a bunch of crap I shouldn’t have. What the heck was I thinking? The GI made it seem like it wasn’t the biggest deal and I was feeling weak. Ugh. Whatever the excuse, I messed up and am currently in a world of regret.

Which takes me back to my sweet girl. This poor baby has had blood in her stool almost every day… Sometimes all the poops for the day, sometimes only one or two. She also is literally pooping FULL green beans. Like, when I opened her dirty diaper to change her, there was a literal green bean stuck on her butt.

Needless to say, I have put a pause on all solid food. I’m not sure if the blood is still a reaction to my indiscretions or is a reaction to the solids or some combo. So, it’s a pause on solids and back to very strict eating for me.

I feel so frustrated. Frustrated in myself… I mean, what was I thinking? I’ve been eating perfectly for over 2 months. Ugh.

I’m frustrated with her allergies… She loves to eat, but her poor tummy. I want her to be able to enjoy food without hurting her poor tummy.

And just frustrated that I have no idea what she’s allergic to.

Excuse me while I go bang my head against the wall…

FYI, info on baby led weaning.

11 thoughts on “The Poop Saga Continues

  1. I’m so sorry to hear this! I totally get the frustration. Cupcake was also difficult when starting solids. We were doing awesome, and then she decided it wasn’t really for her. Then we started again and we realized she couldn’t eat bananas due to a weird reactions. It’s been such a battle, but finally around 8-9 months, we starting with the baby led weaning. I, too, get so nervous about her choking. I just started with foods that I figured she’d be less likely to choke on (ie a large slice of pork chop or applesauce that I preloaded on a spoon). We still have some weird days where she seems to not digest a thing and we temporarily go back to mostly nursing, but we’re getting there! Fingers crossed it all resolves for these girls soon!

  2. This has to be very difficult!! When you are brave enough to try solid food again you can try these mesh feeders from Target: or you can find them just about anywhere. Bug loves them because she is an independent little girl and wants to feed herself. This will keep her from swallowing a whole green been as just little pieces come through as she mashes it up herself. If her belly was bothering her that could be what makes her not want to eat too. Also, I have difficulty getting Bug to eat pretty frequently, usually when she is teething, so this may be the same problem with your Charlie. Good luck! I know it has to be frustrating, but she will get there one day!

  3. You poor thing!! I’m so sorry that you and your precious baby girl are going through this! 😦 I understand the ‘moment of weakness’ thing. I ate like three chocolate chip cookies last weekend, and my baby boy suffered because of it. 😦 I did SO good on my restricted diet up until that point, and within hours, Brady was super gassy. So don’t be too hard on yourself.
    I hope that you’re able to find some foods that don’t hurt her poor tummy. It’s not easy being a mommy, and I’m sure that you – like me – wasn’t expecting it to be a walk in the park. BUT who knew that food could be so confusing?!?

  4. Maybe I have no idea what I’m talking about because the last time I nursed and started to feed a baby it was 1994. Check with your mom, but what i remember was starting her off on very simple rice cereal and simple starches complex carbs like vegetables didn’t come in till a bit later. If you think about what pediatricians call the “brat diet” … Used for children when the stomach is at unrest because it’s less taxing on the digestive system. It goes back to basics : B is for bread, banana, broth. R us for rice. A is for applesauce (not apples!) and T is for tea and toast. These are easiest to digest. And if she’s teething – what’s that toast that teething babies suck/gnaw on?? (check age for this – Zwieback toast for babies)ask your doc about these things..Maybe when her tummie’s off you go back to basics… And when she’s settled introduce ONE very strained veg at a time for a week. the little girl is growing and her system will adjust I’m sure. But ask your doc. And maybe another doc? .. I just don’t like the blood in the stool thing. Just saying…let me know what mom say and you find out. xxoo

  5. Oh – one more thing in the banana – wait until skin is just spotty brown – that’s when it’s ripe enough and has best nutrition. (Under-ripe bananas bother my own stomach). Good luck dolly!

    • That’s a really good point! I’ll talk to my doc. She had said that starting with rice cereal was unnecessary and that the veggies we started with were good firsts… But, with Charlie’s stomach issue history, maybe you’re right! That we need to ease into it slower… Thanks for the great perspective! Xo

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