A BIG Week 25

This past week has been crazy. Our little Charlie has made leaps and bounds.

The first obvious momentous milestone was her new little pop up crawly bounce. I’m pretty much obsessed with this adorable, excited new movement. I think we still have a short amount of time before she actually crawls, but I’m just loving this first step.

The second more obvious milestone is the tiny one’s new teeth! Charlie was super crabby leading up to her teeth, but didn’t show any other real symptoms otherwise. However, since those teeth have come in, she’s been a drooly, chomping mess. I wouldn’t be surprised if more were coming.

Now, those two things in themselves made for a big week, but beyond that, Charlie has seemed to make jumps developmentally, too. This week was big for object permanence. She’s suddenly looking around people or objects to see what’s behind them. It’s super cute. She’ll lean very dramatically past me if there is someone behind me who strikes her interest.

She’s really just all around older this week. And I feel like she’s grown a lot. She seems so big now… And heavy. Oy. My baby is growing up.












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