Crabby Little Princess

This is the best way to sum up my day…


Truly, maybe it wasn’t THAT bad, but it was a little rough. If I’m being totally honest, I had the thought, “am I going to be able to make this work?” With this being me taking Charlotte to work.

I think I will… It was just one of those days where a ton of little things went wrong, Charlie girl was super crabby and demanding (and of course, refusing to nap like she should), and I was super busy with work. Not the ideal combination.

HOWEVER, Charlotte must have sensed my desperation, because she threw me a brief, but much needed, bone before her bedtime routine. When we got home, I put C in her nighttime diaper and put her on the floor. Instantly, she was my sweet little angel. She was smiling and laughing and giving me love all over the place.

It was perfection. She rolled all over her room, hopping up into crawl position sporadically, while I folded and put away her laundry. It was by far the best 40 minutes of my day. What a pumpkin.

I must have missed (or ignored) her “I’m getting sleepy and am going to crash soon” signals, because in a matter of one little roll, things went sour.

But at least we had that perfect time together 🙂

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