A Merry First Christmas

We don’t actually celebrate Christmas religiously, but I am guilty of being a huge Christmas fan. The hype of it and the lights and the music and the tasty cookies and food… It’s just so warm and lovely.

Anyway, this year didn’t disappoint. My sweet little friend Erica played santa this morning and delivered an awesome wood growth chart ruler for sweet Charlotte. It’s unstained, so I think we will stain it and hang it in the finished basement as the “family growth chart.” It’s going to be perfect! And how sweet, huh? She signed it from Santa 🙂

Then we FINALLY made Mark’s father’s birthday gift (overdue since October). Anyway, we got one of those handprint kits forever ago and just finally did it today. It’s super cute and was fun to do!





We had to do three or four takes because as soon as we’d put Charlotte’s hand down, she’d squeeze the mold. And of course, we used the leftover supplies to make a toby print 🙂

Then, best of all, my sweet Friend Kate who moved away to Seattle is back in town. Her family is just the sweetest and always opens their doors to us. In fact, I’ve been there for Christmas or Christmas Eve for quite a few years. And this year was no exception. After Charlotte took two epic naps (3 hours each), we packed up the fam and spent an absolutely lovely evening with them.

Couldn’t have asked for a better day!



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