A Present for Dear Charlotte

Last night, Marky and I created an email account for our little one. Not for her use, but as a gift.

Someone recently told Mark about an idea to create an email address for your babe and use it to send advice and stories for your child to read at a later time. We loved the idea, so that’s exactly what we’ve done.

I don’t know when we will give her access to the account, but it seems like such a special gift. A priceless collection of love and memories and advice for our sweet little one.

And until then, we will continue to email her recollections of our sweetest moments and finest advice.

We hope you love it, Charlie! Xo

6 thoughts on “A Present for Dear Charlotte

  1. We did this for Nealia too! I saw it on pinterest before she was born, but have been bad about sending her emails. We havent decided if we were going to let other people email her too? Are you guys opening it up to the family or just you 2?

  2. I think we were thinking to open it up to everyone too! It could be pretty fun for them down the road to get stuff from other people, im sure by then a bunch of messages from mom and dad could get boring!

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