Week 4 of Little to No Progress

My tears have stopped for now, but I can’t help but lay here feeling totally defeated. Come Monday, we will have to schedule an induction for next Friday. I know a lot can happen in a week, but somehow it doesn’t change how I feel right now. I decided to take the afternoon to just wallow a little.

While the news does mean the chances of me Going to my friend’s wedding this weekend are high, which I’m very relieved to hear, it also means I’m going to be surrounded by people speculating on how late I am, what I should be doing, telling me to relax, etc. Hopefully the focus can stay where it’s deserved… On the beautiful bride and her groom.

I just really hope this baby finally decides she’s ready to come out and does it on her own. I really do not want to be induced. The doc attempted to strip my membranes today, so we’ll see if that does anything… Besides hurt of course.

One thought on “Week 4 of Little to No Progress

  1. Totally understand the feeling. Love what you just found out about he Zodiac. My husband is a Cancer and that really makes sense- he likes to take his time and make sure things are perfect…you may have a little perfectionist on your hands- and she WILL be perfect when she decides to come. Which I hope is soon. If you make it to the wedding have your standard answer for ready for everyone, they’ll get the hint. Natural labor vibes for us both..tonight!- prayers for peace too…labor is gonna be crazy! Lol

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