A Weekend of Progress, Backtracking & Love

My agenda for the weekend was as follows:

  • Do laundry (baby stuff – pretty much anything fabric, towels & linens, and our clothing)
  • Watch pediatrician bio videos online with hubs, either make a decision or decide who we want to meet with
  • Go through Mark’s boxes of crap (ie: every assignment he ever turned in while in college, Navy stuff, and other random stuff)
  • Clean out a cabinet in the kitchen for baby stuff
  • Get rid of some old stuff in basement storage
  • Decide what we want to sell in our garage sale this summer
  • Hang up picture frames (that came crashing down) and dream catcher in the nursery
  • Figure out and mount baby monitors
  • Go to BuyBuy Baby to return items and pick up items
  • Baby shower Thank You cards
  • Pack hospital bags (or at least start)
  • Review baby names

I think that might have been all. I know, that’s all, right?

Well, we actually made REALLY great progress on the list. We crossed off everything from the list except: laundry (while I probably did 10 loads, there is still more… the baby stuff is ENDLESS), hang up picture frames and dream catcher, baby shower thank you cards (hope to finish this week), and pack hospital bags. Not too shabby if you ask me!

In addition to our progress, we also took a mini step backwards. During our shopping trip to BuyBuy Baby, the hubs suggested we test out their gliders to see if any of them were more comfortable than ours. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this, but my husband is not a fan of the glider I selected. His complaints are valid, as the chair is definitely more suited for a petite person. It’s short and narrow… oh, and the engineer in him does not like the gliding mechanism… it does not meet his standards.

Anyway, of course, we sat down on a chair and totally fell in love with it. It was more spacious and SO plush and just lovely. So, as I fell more and more in love with the chair, Marky was on the phone with Babies R’ Us, trying to figure out if they would accept a furniture return… without the box.

Turns out, we are about 75% sure they will accept the chair back, SO, we decided to put our order in for the new chair (if they don’t accept our return, we can still cancel our order for the new chair… no harm done). The unfortunate part? It takes 12 weeks for the chair to come in… yes, the math is obvious… I’m due in 9 weeks, the chair won’t be ready for 12… hmmm. That’s 3 weeks sans glider. Not ideal, but ultimately, it was a sacrifice we decided to make. AND, with the 20% off BuyBuy Baby Coupon and our store credit from returns, the chair only cost us $479! Not too shabby.

Hopefully they’ll accept our return this week. Bye, bye chair…

The original chair all wrapped up, compliments of my OCD husband :)

The original chair all wrapped up, compliments of my OCD husband 🙂

I can’t find the exact chair we bought online, but here’s a very similar one…

Our Chair: Little Castle Serenity Glider & Ottoman in Crushed Silver (the photo above looks pretty dang similar... minus the color... ours is a light grey).

Our Chair: Little Castle Serenity Glider & Ottoman in Crushed Silver (the photo above looks pretty dang similar… minus the color… ours is a light grey).

As for the love portion of the weekend… despite all the productivity, I had a really good weekend with my hubs. And definitely a much-needed one. With all the craziness at his work lately, I had been feeling a little lonely and was definitely missing him, so it was really nice to spend two solid days just the two of us. And despite the fact that we weren’t doing anything more than baby-prep chores, we had a lot of fun. I’m a lucky girl to be so in love with such a great guy.


I feel like absolute crap today. I don’t know if it’s something I ate or just some weird bug, but my stomach has been totally off all day and I have a splitting headache. I am counting down the seconds until I can put on my sweats and curl up at home. Today is just not a good health day for me. Hopefully with ample sleep and relaxation tonight, I will be back in action tomorrow.

I’m thinking a bath is mandatory tonight. I was having such bad back pain this weekend, so after rubbing my back a bit, my hubs drew me a bath, lit a candle for me and put on a nice meditation CD. It was heavenly to say the least and I can’t wait to repeat it.

Also, to soothe that back pain, I had my first prenatal massage on Saturday… and wow. I need to go back for more ASAP. It was SO nice and really helped me to survive. My back was hurting quite a bit leading up to the appointment. The massage lady suggested bi-weekly massages to aide in delivery and help ease pain / promote relaxation. Good idea, huh? She wasn’t willing to pay for it… oh well!

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