Passed Glucose Test & a Big Weekend Ahead!

Yesterday was my 28/9 Week appointment, which for me meant my glucose test and my tDap vaccine. Everything went well… I passed my glucose test and was measuring up pretty well. Although, I must say that while I only gained 2 lbs since my last appointment, I am up 21 lbs total. That feels like way too many pounds considering I was obviously hoping to be on the low end of that 25-35 lb range. Oh well I guess! Right? I’ve been eating well and working out 4 times a week, so my body is clearly just doing what it needs to do to take care of our sweet girl.

The only other thing that showed up from my tests was mild levels of anemia (an iron deficiency). Honestly, while my doc said this was not a big deal and VERY common in pregnancy, I felt a little disappointed. We’ve been continuing on our vegetable smoothie path and I take iron in my prenatal, so I guess I would have expected my iron levels to be a bit better. BUT, no biggy, right? I’ll just keep pounding the leafy greens and take in the iron where I can!

Other than that, I didn’t have too many questions for the doc, other than when the baby will take her final position, to which she responded around 30-32 weeks.  SO, while I was excited to hear that our girl was head down at the appointment yesterday (which I had suspected based on her movement), it doesn’t mean anything for a few more weeks.

Now, the FUN stuff! This week has already been family-central and I’m just so excited for that to continue. Mark’s sweet cousin Sarah is in town with her husband Ryan and their adorable old soul of a 3-year old, Callum. I love this boy. I met him for the first time about a year ago, yet when I saw him yesterday, he greeted me with a HUGE smile, an energetic wave and the biggest and sweetest hug. We played BINGO, made shapes out of playdough and just enjoyed ourselves… and that was just with Callum. His parents are an even bigger treat. They are actually the two that had first recommended us watching The Business of Being Born and reading Love and Logic… both resources which Mark and I hold with strong value. Needless to say, I totally enjoyed picking their brains on the birthing and childrearing experiences.

Hello Kitty BINGO... what could be better?

Hello Kitty BINGO… what could be better?

Sweet Callum with little Toby. How cute??

Sweet Callum with little Toby. How cute??

AND, today, my sister-in-law and nieces arrive from NY! They’ll be in town for the next 10 days, so I’m excited to have lots of QT with them 🙂 Then, as if it isn’t enough excitement, my aunt/uncle/cousin are coming in from Cali TOMORROW to stay with Marky and I and come to my baby shower THIS SUNDAY! How sweet is that? A pretty long travel for just a few days. I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m VERY excited to see these three. They’re just the best… so silly, so fun… definitely some pretty awesome icing on the cake that is this week/weekend.

And goodness, I kind of breezed over the fact that my shower is this weekend. My amazing mother and sister have been working VERY hard to plan what I can only imagine is going to be a fabulous baby shower. The venue is this adorable, local caterer’s place… the food is sure to be amazing… the decor, perfectly delicate and tea-party-like… the activities – PERFECTION! I just can’t even wait and am SO grateful… to them for planning such an event and to all the amazing people in my life who are taking the time to celebrate and shower me. I’m a lucky gal… and so is our little girl.

Let this be a warning… prepare for severe GUSHING come Monday morning 🙂



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