What’s in a Name?

There is a chance I might regret opening this flood gate, but as we begin the name discussions, I’m wondering if any of you lovely folks have name ideas you’d like to share. Now, before you feel like this is an invitation to name our child or openly judge the name that we do chose, I must warn you that ultimately, we’re going to chose the name that we feel is best… and once we do, we won’t be looking for anymore suggestions 🙂

Anyway, I really love traditional, elegant names. Pretty much the names of either grandparents or babies… not the “traditional names” we grew up with, like Melissa, Jessica (my sister’s name), Rachel, etc. I also really want a name that is easily nicknamed. For instance, while I love the name Ava, this is more of what I consider to be a nickname. We have a very short, one-syllable last name, which in my book means we need to chose a first name that is strong and has multiple syllables. Another rule… our last name starts with L. I’m not the biggest fan of alliteration, so I’ve been avoiding L names. AND, my husband and I are M&M… I don’t really want to make that M&M&m… seems a bit too kitschy.

Let the suggestions begin… NOW!

Thanks for the help 🙂


It’s starting to get more difficult to bend down. I make grunting noises. I’m not even that big, but somehow, that’s what I’ve resorted to. It’s really most noticeable when I have to bend down to pick something up that I dropped or when I’m sitting on the floor and have to stand up. Oh well, right? Also, I still have a lot of discomfort in my back and neck. I’ve been going to the chiropractor regularly, but the pain always comes back. Thankfully, it’s usually by the end of the day that it gets bad, so at least I’m home.

The other thing that’s been bad has been my poor little feet. I walk around the house in my moccasin slippers that apparently have zero support. After about 20 minutes, my feet are killing… and 40 minutes after that, they’re swollen and super uncomfortable. I’m thinking it’s time to either a) get some arch supports, b) get slippers with more support or c) both.

Also, I’m a little cranky. Maybe it’s all the stuff I have to get done building up or the fact that we haven’t been getting a lot of sleep… either way, I’m definitely chipper today.

4 thoughts on “What’s in a Name?

  1. I can’t wait to hear what your little Lady’s name will be! My favorite girl/old timey name begins with an “L” so that’s out for suggestions..my grandmothers names were Clara and Dorothy- not sure how you feel about those (I won’t take offense if you scrunch your nose) but figured I’d just offer them up : ) Does anyone in your families do genealogy? I had my mom send me like 10 generations back at least and there were many names to choose from! Sophia, Charlotte & Abigail were some of my favorites- but none could knock out Lenora. Best of luck!

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