Dear Baby, Is that you?

Is that you I'm feeling?

Is that you I’m feeling?

The most common question I’ve been receiving lately is whether I’ve felt the baby move yet. My answer to-date has been, “no… I don’t think so?” But, as of yesterday, I think my answer is feeling a bit more like, “I don’t know… but I think so!?”

On Sunday I felt a weird sensation on the left side of my belly that almost felt like a twitch. I made a comment about it to my mom and hubs, but kind of felt like it was too noticeable to be this “flutter” of a kick people have been warning me about. Then, yesterday as I was driving, I felt a similar sensation… although a little less severe… in the same area. I put my hand on my belly and made a noise like, “hmph,” which is code for, “what the f**k was that?”

When I finally crawled in bed last night, I decided to give the old tum a few pokes and prods to see if I could recreate the flinchy sensation. And, sure enough, I felt it! Quite a bit actually. I started to analyze the feeling and thought, I guess this could be described as popcorn popping (another description I’ve heard used to explain the initial movement sensations). Then, within seconds I started thinking, “could I be imagining this?”

So, now I’m left with the overwhelming thought of, “Is what I feel the real deal? Is this my little babe?”



My weird dreams have been in overdrive lately. Last night I literally dreamt that one of my friends was having a little relationship with a high schooler. I had to explain to her that because he is under 18, that’s technically rape. What the heck??

Other than the bizarre inner workings of my mind, I’ve also had an inability to smell my dinner once I’m done eating. The second my fork hits the plate for good, the smell of dinner almost immediately starts grossing me out and polluting my senses. That has actually been going on for quite some time. It’s probably one of my husband’s least favorite symptoms because it means clean up time needs to start immediately after finishing dinner.

I’m still in very high spirits these days! Feeling great and lucky and excited and happy. I can’t believe that we will get to see our sweet baby boo in 4D in just 3.5 weeks! And of course, find out if this little nugget is a boy or a girl! Such excitement!

4 thoughts on “Dear Baby, Is that you?

  1. You are DEF feeling your baby! I had little things like that too and at first didn’t think anything of it, but then when I felt the same thing again..and then again I figured it was more than gas or muscle stuff…it just feel different, right? I find for the most part my little one is most active in the car..don’t know why. Aren’t car rides supposed to sooth a baby to sleep? I could be in trouble! Looking forward to seeing what we both will have- ahhh Feb can’t get here soon enough!

    • It was a totally weird and different sensation! I got so excited last night. I can’t wait until my husband gets to feel, too! And, as for the outfit, I’m not going to lie… that pic was from a couple days ago. But still, gotta love it! I pretty much rock the leggings/sweater combo daily.

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