Breaking the News at Work… or Not??

"I'm sure I told you I was pregnant..."

“I’m sure I told you I was pregnant…”

I’ve been trying to figure out when I should tell my boss about my little bun in the oven. Part of me would really just like to wait until I’m giant and can’t avoid acknowledging my growing body… the other part of me feels that might be a bit rude or inappropriate. So, when is the best time to tell?

December 20th officially marks my first day of the second trimester, so in terms of when it’s “safe” to break the news, that would make sense. But I’m just not sure.

Here are my hold ups…

  1. Being that my company is not having its best year, I’m guessing the idea of bonuses or raises is a total joke… HOWEVER, I still can’t help but think I should wait until after that’s a sure thing before making my announcement. I mean, I don’t know the thought process that goes into this decision, but my guess is that employers don’t often throw more money at pregnant ladies who will soon be collecting maternity leave. Just a guess…
  2. My maternity leave is feeling frighteningly up in the air right now. As of last year, the company utilized FMLA (Family Medical and Leave Act) standards for maternity leave; however, our firm has since dropped below 50 employees, which means we are no longer required to uphold FMLA standards. So, I feel that waiting until the 2014 handbook is issued might be a good idea.
  3. My boss is a man. Even if by some strange chance he surprises me with genuine excitement about my news, I am confident it won’t last. No one likes the idea of paying for a staff member to be MIA for 6+ weeks. And have I mentioned that I feel 6 weeks is way too short?
  4. As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t really enjoy telling people. It feels so awkward to me.


Now, the positives of making my announcement…

  1. An explanation for my upcoming weight gain.
  2. I can stop thinking about when I’m going to make my announcement.
  3. Hmmm…

I think that might be it. Really, it seems like maybe I should just wait until someone asks me if I’m pregnant and pull the, “Yeah… I told you that! Remember?? Sheesh… you forget everything.”



I think my cold is on its way out! Excessive amounts of water and OJ (and a humidifier on my desk at work) have really done a great job of taking care of this cold in just a few days. I’m not perfect, but have improved significantly. AND, I slept through the night last night! Well, I got up to pee, but that’s my new normal. Other than that, I’m starting to think that the worst of my symptoms are behind me. I’m still decently bloated by the end of the night, but really, even that’s not too bad. And I’m feeling a bit more regular. I’ve adjusted my diet a bit to include a ridiculous amount of fiber, so I’m feeling good.

2 thoughts on “Breaking the News at Work… or Not??

  1. You know I can’t speak from experience, but my vote is to hold out as long as you can and make it a fun announcement to Grinch first, and then the rest of the team. They knew when hiring you that there’s a good chance you’d be having a baby at some point, so that’s probably not an issue really. It’ll just be a surprise that it’s so soon! It’s so fun to be part of the secret!! 🙂
    From your humidifying “crazy, crazy good” co-conspirator.

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