Are you saying my face is fat???

On Thanksgiving, I finally made the big pregnancy announcement to my aunt, uncle, cousin, and grandparents. It was awkward. I don’t know what it is about these announcements, but I seem to be getting worse at it. I get so nervous and uncomfortable. Needless to say, after I made some weird (and unclear) speech about being thankful to have one more Thanksgiving without naughty children, my sister and mother broke the deafening silence with…

Sister: She’s pregnant!

Mom (said very loudly to my deaf grandpa): DAD, MELISSA IS PREGNANT!

Ahhh, perfection, huh?

Anyway, that’s so not the point. After I subjected the family to the awkwardness of my announcement, we were all chatting and my cousin said to me, “I could tell you were pregnant! You kept pushing away your drinks at your mom’s 60th birthday party… and, your face looks…” (as she cups her hands around her face making what looked like some sort of hand signal for fat).

I cut her off immediately with, “ARE YOU SAYING MY FACE IS FAT!?!”

I’ve been so preoccupied with my growing gut, I haven’t had the chance to pay attention to my face. Now, Amy, if you’re reading this… I’m not mad. But I’m not going to lie, you have punished everyone around me. I will now spend the rest of my 200 some days of pregnancy asking everyone their opinion on whether my face has gotten fat.

Maybe a side-by-side comparison is in order…

Is my face fatter?

Is my face fatter?


I don’t think my face looks any different. I’m definitely zittier now and maybe a bit more tired looking, but my face is always a little round. Right?? Or am I in denial?



All pregnancy symptoms have been trumped by my damn cold. I’m so sick of this running, stuffed up nose and the achiness. I could use a day in bed. Ughhh… is it Friday? I’ve been trying to drink my weight in water and I even struggled through a workout last night… but I think the cold is winning. I’m going to give my “fight back” strategy another attempt today. Maybe tomorrow will bring improvement.

3 thoughts on “Are you saying my face is fat???

  1. Hope you feel better soon! And I have YET to do any big announcements- I feel like I wouldn’t even know what to say or how to start off. I basically sent all my family and close friends emails or texts (terrible I know) and my step son announced it for us over I enjoy others doing the dirty work 😉 Happy to hear there is some one else who finds it awkward! I work with pretty much all men and will eventually have to tell them- talk about weird…any suggestions? Oh and you def don’t look fat! You are a beautiful Mommy to Be!

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