Big Brother is Watching…

I know what you Googled last summer...

I know what you Googled last summer…

I work a desk job, which means I spend at least 45 or so hours a week in front of the computer. Being that this is my first child, I’m sure you can imagine how many questions pass through my mind (and my Google search bar) during those 45+ hours. Sometimes I think about our IT guy and wonder whether he’s paying attention to my odd, very pregnant-focused searches, but my curiosity always trumps my fear that he might be monitoring my browsing.

Now, I don’t think that Chris, the IT guy, just sits around checking up on me or my colleagues, but Chris recently made a comment that made me question whether he was “watching.”

Being the sailor that I am, I dropped some profanity (the details escape me) and he replied with, “Hey, we’re at work… you need to be appropriate, just like your Internet browsing.” I brushed it off, but definitely thought it was more than just a random comment. And, being that I’m not looking at anything that could actually be considered “inappropriate” in the broad, world-wide-web-way, I figured he must be referring to my constant pregnancy searches.

Anyway, yesterday, I was melting down over a project that just totally sucked and he seemed overly concerned with helping me deal with my stress. He very kindly came over to my cube and asked how he could help. I made a sassy comment about him making it so I never had to work with a certain person who was running said project. I quickly added in an apology for being a little harsh, and he replied with, “Whoa! What are you pregnant?”

The conversation continued…

Me: Yes, I’m pregnant. Or I’m just so sick of this project blowing up all over the place.

Him: You seem like you have some crazy pregnancy emotions running amok. (Okay, those weren’t his exact words, but the gist was the same.)

Now, in his defense, I totally had some crazy pregnancy emotions running amok, but I have never been accused of such things. PMS’ing, for sure. Being bitchy or high strung in general, many times. But this just felt weird and a little too coincidental.

SO… in conclusion, I’d like to make a plea to the dear Chris… if you are monitoring my browsing and reading my blog, I ask that you keep my secret for a bit longer. You will know when I’m ready to share such news, as I will bring in some sort of mini, baby-sized treat and send a little announcement email to the office. Until then, no more public pregnancy accusations. Deal?


As displayed above, my emotions have been a bit out of whack lately. I’m feeling overly sensitive, and a bit bi-polar. Also, I think I gained about 10 lbs yesterday. Suddenly my stomach feels about 4 months pregnant. It’s a little overwhelming. Other than that, the nausea has settled down and I’m feeling good. Definitely looking forward to my Hunger Games afternoon and a little R&R this weekend.

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