First Doc Appointment

Yesterday was our first doctor’s appointment and, turns out, I absolutely adore our doc. She’s totally down to earth, has a perfectly awkward laugh, is very sweet and so easy to talk to.

I had called ahead to figure out what to expect from the appointment, and they said that we would just be talking about the process, what to expect, etc. While we did talk about those things, there were a few items the receptionist failed to mention. First, I had to give a urine sample. Thankfully, my mom happened to join me at this appointment because I was about to run to the restroom when she informed me that I would likely have to give a sample. I explained that I had just given one last week and she laughed at me and urged me to check with reception. She was right.

The next surprise came on the nurse’s way out. She casually asked me to undress from the waist down in preparation for my vaginal exam. It ended up being very quick and not a big deal, but I would have appreciated seeing that one coming. Thankfully, everything looked good… she said my uterus felt, “nice and pregnant,” which seemed like a funny comment. Anyway, no biggy. It was quick and painless… just a little surprising.

The good part was that the doctor spent over an hour talking with me. I explained my concerns about the initial ultrasound and the frustration I felt not trusting in my revised due date. She talked me through their process and informed me that they do not adjust due dates later in pregnancy, so June 30, 2014 will pretty much be my due date going forward. Clearly, she could see or hear my distaste with her answer and suggested I go in for a second ultrasound in 10 days to double check. She said that at that point it will be easier to see progress and we can confirm the date, hear the heartbeat, and… GET MORE PICTURES!!

So, all-in-all, a VERY good doctor’s visit. And, in 10 days, we get to coo at our little baby again.

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