What a difference a year makes…

Today at work we had the long-awaited insurance renewal discussion. As expected, our insurance plan is not as great as this past year’s. What I did not expect was how much worse it would be. Now, I can promise you I am not trying to get into any kind of political discussion, so please, let’s not go there. I’m just feeling a little… irritated, frustrated, crabby… about what I learned.

Last year, my insurance plan provided a sample cost breakdown for having a baby. I was psyched to see that the entire process would only cost about $300! So, you can understand my surprise when I saw that this upcoming year, the same process is estimated to cost nearly $3,000! What the heck?

I guess that’s life, right? Good thing we’ve been putting money into our “children’s savings account”… although, my plan for that money was to take some additional, unpaid time off with the little babe and get the nursery all dolled up. Damn reality. Always getting in the way of my dreams.

Damn you, insurance!

Damn you, insurance!



Feeling good today! Got a little nauseous before lunch and almost cried / hit today. Other than that, feeling totally normal 🙂

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