19 & 20 Week Updates

Somehow I’ve totally fallen behind on my blogging! Sorry, baby girl & all 2 of my loyal readers 🙂

I’m trying to remember the subtle little changes my sweet girl made in her 19th and 20th week, but I’m not doing that well. I can’t distinguish between the weeks, but a few little things…

Charlie is a handsy little lady. Hair, fur, jewelry, plates, anything! If she can reach it (or catapault her body towards it), she’s going to grab it.





Baby girl loves that tummy time. I think it’s a power thing… imagine that. She get it from her momma, she get it from her momma. Okay, enough of that…
Charlie loves to stick her tongue out, blow raspberries and has actually started to incorporate this little pasttime into her pooping routine. Yep, you heard me! The little one officially sticks her tongue out and makes a weird humming noise when she poops. It’s pretty special.

Mark introduced Charlie to snow with her very first face wash. Kidding… he gave her a snowball. She didn’t seem overly impressed.
Charlie silently pooped and peed simultaneously during naked time. Bravo!

And now her 19 & 20 week pictures…




Two Months & Sweet As Can Be

Every week I say this, but truly, I can’t believe another week has flown by. How has it already been 8 weeks?

My sweet baby boo is definitely growing up. She’s so much more interactive and one thing is for sure, girlfriend loves to smile. Even when she’s pissed off and fussing, Charlotte will crack a smile. She’s literally so amazing to be around. Now of course, that doesn’t mean that every second she’s an angel… But even when she’s being sassy, she’s still pretty awesome. New this week? Hmm… She continues to get stronger. She has consistently slept through the night (9.5-10.75 per night and then another 1-3 in the morning). She is definitely more vocal. She can follow objects with her eyes and head. She’s a bubble making machine. She loves her daddy. A lot. She’s pooped out of about 4 diapers this week – woooo! Go Charlie!

Anyway, here’s the cutie…













And some mommy / Charlie selfies…