Sunny Sunshine Here We Come!

Ahhhh... Paradise!!

Ahhhh… Paradise!!


We FINALLY booked our trip!! We are headed to Playa Mujeres… a quick 30 minutes North of Cancun, Mexico. And literally, I could not be happier about it. We picked an absolutely beautiful resort (at least according to photographs and the millions of reviews that I read) that is bound to be amazing. I’ve never been to an all-inclusive or to Mexico, so I’m super excited.

We were a little nervous about being so close to Cancun during “Spring Break” time, but being that our resort is adults-only and pretty far from the Cancun Hotel Zone, I’m confident it will be the relaxing and peaceful paradise we’re hoping for.

I had originally been using Expedia to look for trips, but after feeling so overwhelmed and literally spending hours looking up trips in every warm destination across the world, we decided to call a travel agent. We did the same thing for our honeymoon and were a little disappointed with our travel agent experience then. She was super nice, but it seemed that she played the same role as Expedia, but a little slower. Plus, Expedia doesn’t get irritated with you for searching a ridiculous amount of resorts and locations.

Anyway, our experience with this travel agent was pretty similar. In fact, I ended up finding the resort, sending the agent the price I found and gave her an opportunity to match it/beat it. And, when she first sent her travel package to us, she had us flying from Chicago instead of Milwaukee. I ended up having to show her the exact flights / airline we wanted to be on so she could use them in her package. It cost us $100 less with her, but seemed pretty ridiculous. I think I deserve her commission, right?

Why isn’t there a website or a travel agent who you can provide specific criteria to (ie: warm temps, romantic/adults resort, snorkeling, great beach, etc) and they return the perfect trip to you? Does anyone have a good (and helpful) travel agent? Do they exist?

Whatever I guess, right? Either way, we’re headed to sunny fabulousness in about a month and a half and I couldn’t be more excited!!