50 Days, Magical Cheesecake & a Great Appointment

I’d like to start off by warning you that I’m obnoxiously chipper right now. Why you ask? Well, a lot of reasons, but mainly, I had a really great appointment with my doctor today. Here’s the update…

Blood pressure: GOOD (98/66… I think?)

Belly Bump Measurement: 32-33 cm (measuring right on track or maybe even a little small… my lady parts like the sound of small)

Baby’s Heart Rate: Great! (I forgot to ask specifics, but she said it was perfect)

Baby’s Position: Still head down! She’s such a good girl.

Weight Gain: Dan da daaaaan… 1 lb! Yes, this made me very happy! My doc said it was great, too! So, now at 33 weeks (tomorrow), I’ve gained 27 lbs. That feels way better than 26 lbs at 31 weeks. I’ve just got to keep up the good work… ie: exercising and eating well. AKA… I will not be going home and eating all the leftover cheesecake. Damn.

I also asked my doc quite a few questions…

1) Can we pre-register for the hospital? No need to! Everything is electronic, so they’ll get you right in a room and any questions needing answers will be asked there.

2) In order to get my breast pump paid for by insurance, I need a prescription… can I get one from you today? Yep!

*NOTE: I had heard great things about the Hygeia Enjoye breast pump and am attempting to go through www.abreastpumpandmore.com to order mine (the website was recommended to me by the rep at Hygeia). I’ll let you know if my insurance accepts it and it works.

3)  Do you apply oil / do perineal massage when the baby is crowning? I’ve heard it helps prevent tearing. I do sometimes, but it depends on the patient and how she’s feeling. Sometimes it is too sensitive down there and the massage doesn’t help. If you would like me to, just let me know and I will. And, if you’d like me to apply oil, feel free to bring the oil with you and I’ll be happy to use it.

4) If I have any tearing, will I receive local pain meds before I’m stitched up? Yes. We use lidocaine, which sometimes hurts a touch when administered (it’s a shot), but sometimes it doesn’t. That should relieve any pain from the stitches.

5) When do you cut the cord? I’ve read that it is beneficial to wait a few minutes after birth to cut the cord so extra blood flows from the placenta to the baby. Supposedly it lowers risk of newborn anemia and iron deficiency. I have been trying to adjust my practice to wait a few minutes before cutting the cord. Just remind us [or put it in your birth plan] and we will do that.

**So, here is where I handed the doc my package of mini cheesecakes (see recipe in yesterday’s blog post) and said, “Here’s a little bribe before I ask my next question…” Mark made sure to add in, “You can have the cheesecakes no matter what” haha… I love him.

Classic Cheesecake with Graham Cracker Crust Garnished with Mixed Berry Preserves and Lemon Zest & Whipped Cream, Fresh Blueberry and Lemon Zest... AND, Oreo Cheesecake on an Oreo Crust topped with Whipped Cream and a Mini Oreo. Mmm....

Classic Cheesecake with Graham Cracker Crust Garnished with Mixed Berry Preserves and Lemon Zest & Whipped Cream, Fresh Blueberry and Lemon Zest… AND, Oreo Cheesecake on an Oreo Crust topped with Whipped Cream and a Mini Oreo. Mmm….

6) My company requires a doctor’s note for my maternity leave. I am requesting 12 weeks and was hoping you could write a note saying that I need 12 weeks. Definitely! The more time the better! What I’m not able to do is fill out a disability form because medically, it is pre-determined that a vaginal birth receives 6 weeks and a c-section birth receives 8 weeks.

SUCCESS!!! YES! How amazing, huh??? I love my doc. Hopefully the damn note will be enough and I can finally get the maternity leave thing checked off my list.

One more reason for smiling… as of today, there are exactly 50 days until my due date! I love round numbers.

A Month’s Worth of Questions Answered

Homemade caramel coated, chocolate covered pretzels... a little bribe.. errr... gift for my doc and nurse!

Homemade caramel coated, chocolate covered pretzels… a little bribe.. errr… gift for my doc and nurse!

While our 20-week doctor’s appointment was wildly overshadowed by our anatomy scan, which we had right before the appointment, I must say it was quite informative. I’ve been sending myself text messages in the middle of the day… or night… when I think of questions to help keep track of everything over the month’s time.

This month, I happened to watch, “The Business of Being Born,” which created about 10 questions right there. Anyway, this is why I bake for my doctor. I am totally aware of the fact that I’m an obnoxious patient. Not-to-mention the fact that I have it in my mind that if my doctor likes me, she’ll be more willing to go out of her way to make it to my delivery. I’ll let you know how that pans out.

So, here are my questions and the corresponding answers:

  1. Does it bother the baby when I poke my belly (my husband was on my ass about this one)? Nope! There is so much cushioning, etc, that you wouldn’t be able to poke hard enough to hurt the baby because of the pain it would cause you. IE: Poke away!
  2. Can I drink kombucha? My doc didn’t know too much about kombucha but we pulled up the product page online and she said her only concern would be the caffeine quantity in Black Tea, and urged me not to drink too much.
  3. Is it okay to take a probiotic supplement? Yep!
  4. What are your thoughts on a doula? Essentially, she said they can be very helpful for the mothers and tend to work really well with the nurses in our delivery hospital. Doula away!
  5. Can you write me a note providing permission to fly (we are headed to NY tomorrow and Mexico next month)? While she didn’t think this was necessary, she had no problem writing our note.
  6. Can I drink fresh fruit juices from the resort juice bar in Mexico? All of the food you have at the resort should be just fine – assuming you’re following basic pregnancy do’s and don’ts. This makes me beyond happy because for some reason (maybe because I’m a hungry pregnant lady), a juice bar and pizza restaurant were requirements for the resort we selected.
  7. What percentage of women are given pitocin? Oy. This answer was sad. My doctor literally laughed and said, “A Lot!” This obviously isn’t surprising, but the conversation felt like a clip out of the Business of Being Born.
  8. Do you have to take pitocin? This was a little wishy washy, but the gist was that if you do not want it, they will be patient with you. And, ideally, you want to stay out of the hospital for as long as possible. It definitely reinforced the fact that if you don’t know your options, it’s very easy to fall into the pitocin/epidural/c-section pattern.
  9. Do you allow mothers to deliver standing up or on all fours? Our doctor definitely seemed flexible, although, it seemed as though she’s only delivered a couple of babies with the momma in an alternative birthing position (versus the typical on your back posish).
  10. Do you guys use vacuum/forceps for delivery? Yes, when necessary. They’ve found that it can be done to prevent the need for a c-section.
  11. Does the momma have control over the lighting and number of people in the delivery room? Absolutely! My doc recommended writing up a birth plan to give to the nurses when you come in to labor/deliver. While the nurses and docs have their standard procedures, they are very willing to work with you to create the best environment and experience for each mother. Mark and I decided we better have some sort of homemade goody to bring to the nurses so they don’t get turned off by my ridiculous birth plan 🙂
  12. At what point are interventions optional versus requirements? When the mother or baby are at risk, that’s where the docs step in.
  13. Percentage of c-sections? About 20%… I think that’s what she said?
  14. How can you stay in the Jacuzzi tub? Can you deliver in there? You can pretty much stay in there until it’s time to get the baby out… but you can’t deliver in the tub. One question my mom brought up was that she had heard you couldn’t be in the tub once your water breaks. I’ll have to ask that next month.
  15. Do you get an IV right away? Yes! There doesn’t have to be anything connected to it, but just in case, they want to make sure they’re prepared for any situation that may arise.
  16. Can you request that your nurses don’t ask you if you want pain meds? Yes! Again, this is something to put in the birth plan. My thought is that if I want the meds, I’ll ask. But if not, I don’t want to be tempted.

Wow… okay, that’s all of them! Thankfully, she seemed excited about her treat and didn’t seem to notice the ridiculous number of questions I asked. She even said that she didn’t feel as if she had earned the delicious pretzels. She did in my book!


A couple new things lately… one, in certain positions – mostly when I’m lounging on the couch or laying down in bed – I can feel my heart/blood pumping. At one point, I even took my pulse because it felt like my heart was pounding… but it was completely normal. My doc said it’s just the increased volume of blood that is likely causing my heart to work a little harder in certain positions. Regardless, it’s a little annoying.

The other symptom is the kinda-but-not-really runny nose. I pretty much always feel like I need to blow my nose, but there is rarely anything to blow out. Not a big deal, just something I’ve noticed.