Total Elimination Diet (TED)

The poop saga continues. Last time I posted, I was struggling to figure out how to solve sweet Charlotte’s green, mucousy blood poops.

Since then – just under two weeks ago – I have been on Dr. Sears’ Total Elimination Diet. The diet consists of literally turkey (range-fed), yellow squash, zucchini, pear, sweet potato, olive oil, salt/pepper and rice. That’s it! However, as of a week ago, I eliminated rice, as it seemed to be bothering Charlotte. So now, I’m surviving on turkey, sweet potato, pear, and squash/zucchini.

The point of the diet is to totally strip down your intake to make it easier to identify what is bothering her tummy. Once her poop has become regular, the idea is to add in one food every 4-5 days and track what is okay and what bothers her.

BUT, of course, it’s not so simple. I was on the diet for a week with no real change, so I did end up putting Charlotte on prescription formula (neocate) for a little over 2 full days. Once on the formula, Charlotte’s poop FINALLY became regular. It was yellow, no mucous and no blood.

On that third day – after 1.5 weeks of clean TED eating – I went back to breastfeeding. However, 2.5-3 hours after nursing her for the first time since formula, she had bloody mucous.

Her poop since then has been really pretty varied. Diarrhea this morning, yellowish green, yellowish brown, mucousy, no mucous. Jury is still out I guess.

I’ve spoken with two lactation consultants, multiple people from La Leche League, and women from my mom’s group… Consensus? Nobody has any real idea.

It could be an allergy, it could be an over supply… Or maybe she just has an intolerance to my milk in general?? I don’t know.

Most people say that if it doesn’t seem to bother her, just keep breastfeeding. Although they aren’t sure if that has any long term effects.

Unfortunately, that’s not really settling our minds. So, we scheduled an appointment to see a pediatric GI specialist in two weeks… And until then, I will continue to choke down sweet potatoes three times a day.

I’ve been trying to spice things up in terms of meals, but it tends to be quite similar day to day.

Sweet potato/zucchini hash browns and/or turkey & pear sausage (aka cut up pear cooked in a mini homemade turkey burger)

Turkey breast (cooked in olive oil and water in the slow cooker) with zucchini/pear slaw (aka chopped zucchini and pear) on sweet potato peels (I microwave a sweet potato, scoop out the insides, and use the skin as bread)

Homemade turkey burger with shredded zucchini and/or squash in it with either zucchini hash on top or zucchini slaw and sweet potato dipping sauce (aka puréed sweet potato, water and salt), sweet potato crisps (chopped sweet potatoes tossed in olive oil and salt and cooked at 450 until crispy), and sautéed squash