Father’s Day Weekend

We had a great Father’s Day weekend. On Friday, I had a post-birthday birthday celebration with my girlfriends, which was just lovely. Delicious food, wine & company. No complaints from this girl.

On Saturday, my bro was in town, so we all met for brunch (which took a RIDICULOUS amount of time). Since it was late once finished, we decided to put the kids down for their naps at my parents house and my bro, his gf, Mark and I went to the pool. HELLO, ADULT TIME! It was grand. The weather chose that one hour and a half to get all dark and moody, but whatever.

After pool time, we picked up the kiddos and brought them home, where we met my amazing MIL, who had volunteered to babysit the kids. MORE ADULT TIME. Marky and I went for some pretty amazing Nepalese food. It was so much fun. Then, we went to see Wonder Woman. I literally ate my popcorn and then passed out until the final 10 minutes. BUT, most importantly, the man of the hour enjoyed it.

On Sunday, after Mark slept in for the second day of the weekend, we went to the Lakefront Festival of the Arts with Mark’s dad and Step Mom. It was such a blast!

Unfortunately, hubby’s special weekend ended with a long night of working, but all in all, it was a great celebration of my amazing guy.

As for gifts, check out this awesome video we made for Mark! It’s an interview with the kiddos about their superhero, Dad (or “Dat” as Charlie says):​


Father’s Day Gifts for My Love

This Father’s Day marked my hubby’s FIRST as a pops to an outside baby. Last year we celebrated when I was a monster of a pregnant lady (as described in this blog post), but this year it’s different. My amazing husband has almost a full year of being the best damn dad I could have ever hoped for my little one under his belt. This Father’s Day, he deserved the best.

So, while hubby was away on business last week, I worked like a dog to make him Father’s Day gifts he would not only love and appreciate, but gifts that would show him just how much we love and appreciate him.

Here’s what we got him…

Jimmy Fallon’s new book, “Your baby’s first word will be DADA” 

This book is absolutely adorable (and funny). A great gift considering Charlie is on the brink of speaking (real words).

"The Dada cow says, 'dada.' The baby cow says 'moo.'"

“The Dada cow says, ‘dada.’ The baby cow says ‘moo.'”

Our next gift was from Charlie. A little picture for her Daddy to keep on his desk at work. I bought the letters at Michael’s for $3 or so dollars per letter with their current sale and coupons. The frame is also from Michael’s.

The little cutie pie in daddy's shirt.

The little cutie pie in daddy’s shirt.

Here are some outtakes…

Charlie 2 Looking away No bow

The last gift was the most time-consuming. I spent about 20-30 hours (literally) going through every video I’ve taken over the past year and compiling an “ode” to my hubby and our baby’s first year of life. This was worth every minute. Hubby LOVED it and it is something we will always have to bring smiles and memories of Charlie’s first year.

Watch & enjoy…

I’ll share another post highlighting all the wonderful moments of our perfect Father’s Day!

Hope you all had a great celebration!