My Favorite Visitor!

This weekend my absolute most favorite house guest came to see us. My sweet (and quirky, hilarious, sometimes clamy) cousin, Stef. Our Cali girl.

She flew in on Friday and I sadly dropped her at the airport this morning. Those 4 days were filled with a lot of family time and a lot of fun! Or as my husband would say, “adventuring.”

On Friday, I picked her up at the airport and drove her directly to dinner with my parents. The restaurant had live music, which was hilarious… not because the music was funny or bad – it was great – but because Charlotte was OBSESSED. Immediately upon hearing the end of any song, she would start signing “more” and making hollering noises. Oy. Can’t take that child anywhere.

Also, Stef gave C the BEST gift ever. I’m not even going to mention anything more because they deserve their own post.

On Saturday, we went to the Children’s Museum (SO FUN!!)! It was a blast, as always. Man does Charlotte love that place.

 Saturday evening, we had the entire fam over (my grandpa, parents, sis and her fam, and bro and his girlfriend) to hand out candy to the trick-or-treaters, get together and celebrate three birthdays (mom’s 62nd, Grandpa’s 90th!!, and Gabby’s 4th). We decorated amazing skull cookies that I made using this recipe and these cookie cutters. I must add that we didn’t end up taking Charlie out for trick or treating. We had planned to, but it was so rainy and cold, that we just let her hand out the candy.


On Sunday, we had my niece’s 4th birthday party! It was a blast!

Sunday evening, we picked up some delicious Vietnamese food and had dinner at my parents’ house.

Then yesterday, Stef and I took C for a walk and then left her with my Milly (mother in law) so we could go explore the city. I took her to the Milwaukee Public Market, we walked around the third ward, sampled some Milwaukee-famous Purple Door Ice Cream, and played around. That evening, we had a nice leftovers for dinner meal and went to visit Grandpa! All in all, SO much fun.

We all got very used to her being around… I’m thinking we should probably head to LA to capture her.

Weekend Update

We he such a fun weekend! I’m going to do a full post on Charlie’s Halloween costume because it was so dang cute, but for now, just pictures.

Friday we went to a Halloween party at the place where we were married with my parents, sister and her family. It was hilarious. They had everything “Spookified” and there was a DJ, dance floor and literally more neon lights than Charlotte has ever seen. From the moment we arrived, she was pumped. Probably 50% because she was so weirdly excited by her costume and the other 50% because of the severe stimulation. 

The second her mini feet hit the ground, she was strutting her little stuff on the dance floor, walking up to strangers, dancing and being goofy. It was hilarious. 

How cute was our little Jane Fonda??

On Saturday, Mark and Charlie had a daddy daughter day while I went shopping with a friend and went to my sweet little friend’s baby shower. It was a costume shower… Please not my adult version of the Jane Fonda.

 On Sunday, we went to a little 2 and under play group called “Bagels, Books & Babies”… We were pretty grateful, because the mini one woke up in serious need of entertainment. 

After BB&B, we went home for nap time, and then it was time to celebrate Mark’s father’s bday. We went to the Betty Brinn Children’s Museum, which is just about the coolest place for littles. I’ve talked about it before, but everything there is tiny and set up as a little city. There is a grocery store where the kids can shop and work. I can’t even explain it… It’s amazing.

Charlotte has been once before, but it’s her first time as a walker. She absolutely loved it. Everywhere she turned, there was another adventure to be had, another exhibit to explore. She was all smiles.

All in all, it was another great weekend!