22 Week Update

Sweet little Charlie had her first Christmakkuh party this week! This is an annual tradition we have with friends. Our friends have an adorable little 18 month old and it seems that Charlotte is finally at an age where she can appreciate their little girl, Madison. She was smiling at Maddie, reaching out to her and just all around loving on her…

Even better, Charlotte was SO good with our friends (let them hold her without crying and all that good stuff). THEN, she went right to sleep in a pack and play in their guest bedroom and let mom and dad enjoy a night out. So fun!

Charlotte also had her first Chanukah celebration with her cousins! I decided to start a new holiday tradition… MATCHING JAMMIES for the cousins!!! YES! I am that person. I searched forever to find inexpensive matching jammies in boys, toddler and infant… and finally, found some cute penguin jammies made by Carters. Only $12ish each!

Check out the cuteness…

IMG_0863 IMG_1009

I think I’ll have to do a separate post with the rest of these cutie pie pics!

And now, here are Charlotte’s 22 Week photos…











Yeee Haw… 23 Weeks of Fun!

I still need to put up Charlotte’s 22-week photos, but while my memory is still fresh, I’ll focus on this past week. Little Charlie girl is getting big. It’s crazy how fast time is flying.

This week, she’s really been working hard to get moving. In fact, check out her attempt to inch worm!!

She’s such a little love and soon, she’s going to be on the move. We had her on the carpet the other night and she literally rolled herself across the room. This girl’s gotta go!

She also celebrated her first Chanukah this week. I know I mentioned this before, but the little one loves wrapping paper. Here she is opening her presie from Nana…

And here are her pics from this week… please excuse her silly outfit. I was feeling a little “hipster meets cowgirl.”