Henry @ 21 Months


  • It might be possible that I have two of the chattiest children around. Which, really, is no surprise. I think my most frequently received comment on my report cards as a kid was, “talks to much in class.” Something to look forward to.
  • Hemy Hem is stringing together 4-word sentences pretty regularly. In fact, he had one this morning that was so good, I even repeated it to Mark, but of course, I’ve since forgotten. His list of words is literally unreal. He’s a total parrot, so if you say it, so does he. But he’s also comprehending, as his vocab explodes daily.
  • This kid is literally talking from the moment he wakes up until the moment he goes to sleep… and actually, sometimes in between. It is not uncommon to be woken up by random Henry chats. He’ll share a few thoughts, roll over and it’s back to sleep.
  • While it’s totally sassy, I just love the way he says, “no mommmmmy.” He gets this little troublemaker smirk on his face. It’s pretty cute.
  • Another of my faves is “I’m excited!!!!” – he says this with SUCH squeals and excitement! It’s just hilarious.
  • Oh! “In a minute”… this one was cute, but is a little more maddening these days. Henry will be walking away from me. I’ll call his name and he’ll turn around, walk back to me and say, “In a minute” with his little finger in the air to signify “one minute.”
  • Boy’s got sass. But he’s SOOO sweet. “Momma, hac”… aka hug. He’s always opening his little arms for a hug and giving me back taps and smooches. He totally knows how to work his mom.
  • He’s learning to count! He’s got 1, 5, and 10 solidly. The other numbers tend to all sound a little like 2.
  • He sings his abc’s… “abcdefg da da da da da da”
  • He’s FINALLY getting better at allowing us to brush his teeth. In fact, this morning his “eee’s” and “ahhh’s” were sounding like little monster growls.
  • The kid LOVES food. He’s the hangriest little food monster. He must be fed. If someone else is eating, he must “try it” (another of his coined phrases).
  • He still loves his baby. But also gives baby a lot of shit. Baby gets the boot a lot during nap time.
  • Henry started school!!! Did I even post about that? What the heck! I need to do a separate school post, but he started Jan 24th I believe. He’s totally loving it. Picking him up from school is so funny. He squeals and shows me all his toys and friends. All the little people congregate around me. Sometimes I get hugs from random children. It’s glorious.
  • Henry takes 2 naps per day on non-school days and 1 nap on school days. Goes to bed around 6:30 pm, wakes up around 630/7.
  • Henry loves Elsa and Anna, but will pick watching Moana over any other show/movie 19/20 times.
  • Henry loves berries. Squeals for berries.
  • Henry calls grapes “bapes.”
  • Most who meet Henry are enamored. I’m totally biased, but the kid is cute. His personality is magical. He’s funny and engaging. He blows kisses, but usually without the hand motion, so it’s just a lot of lip smacking puckers.
  • Henry is smart. I know that sounds like a mom thing to say, but legit. He’s smart. He makes associations between people (if I say one person, he’ll say their spouse… even if it’s not people we see that often). He has a great memory. Great comprehension.

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