Hem Hem Update

**From October 15, 2017**

**I wrote this two weeks ago and have added a few tidbits today**

Weight: Haven’t weighed the boy since his 12 month check up

Height: Hem Hem is SO BIG!

Health Updates: Because I KNOW you’ve all been dying to know, Henry’s poo has been SUPER smashy and nasty and explosive for the past few weeks. I attribute such disgustingness to the fact that the boy LOVES FRUIT. He can take down a full orange and a full banana… consecutively. He’s a tank.

**Update, poor Hem got his FIRST ever diaper rash last week, which will not go away. This weekend, he had a fever for 3ish days, which has since gone away. And other than that, has just been a little crankier than normal. He’s also been crossing his pinky under his middle finger a lot. Definitely on the left side… not sure if it’s on both. Oy. All these things just stress a momma out.

Sleep: The big boy is a great sleeper! The other day, he took a 3 hour nap followed by a 2 hour nap. He’s just great! I nurse the boy, snuggle and smooch the crap out of him, put him in his bed and voila. Nap time.

His sleep schedule is as follows:

Wake up: Anywhere between 530 and 8… typically stays in bed until at least 645 or 7 (plays, chats, etc)

AM Nap: Anywhere between 830-930 (sleeps apx 2-3 hours)

PM Nap: Anywhere between 1:30-2:30 (sleeps apx 1-2 hours)

Bedtime: 630/7

Clothes/Diapers (Sizes): Henry still wears 12m and 18m clothing and size five diapers. I’m not sure what size shoe he wears, as I have him in these awesome (and cheap) moccasins. As a side note, he loves shoes. And accessories. He will be losing his shit over god knows what, but if I tell him it’s time to put shoes on, he’ll nicely lift each foot (mid-cry) to let me put his shoes on.

Diet: Frank the tank loves to eat… although he does not love vegetables. He will locate them and remove them from his mouth with disgust. However, he does allow spinach in his eggs, loves avocado, and can take down more than his fair share of beans. I am still nursing the little munchkin 2-3 times per day (at nap/bed time).

His favorite foods are:

  • Panera chicken noodle soup
  • Cheese
  • FRUIT (blueberries, blackberries, bananas or strawberries are probably #1)
  • Meat… such a protein lover.
  • Beans

Teeth: Henry has so many teeth… I don’t even know… at least 10, but I think more! Maybe 11 or 12?

Baby Gear Love: Henry loves his ybike, his camper, BOOKS – loves books, and “his” doctor kit (aka C’s doctor kit). Oh! And balls. And puzzles. He just loves to play.

Milestones/Firsts: I’m going to preface this with a request… don’t roll your eyes too much, but I think Hem is a legit early talker (or I have no concept of when children start speaking). He has so many words all of a sudden.


  • Hi/Bye – these were his first real words (besides ma, da, etc)
  • Mama
  • Dada
  • Nana
  • Papa
  • Shoes
  • Cheese
  • “Im excited” – I swear… he said it on multiple days. I even asked him if that’s what he said and he smiled, laughed and nodded yes
  • No
  • Charlie
  • “Side” for outside
  • This/that
  • “woof” (what the dog says)
  • lights
  • I’m sure there are more, but I can’t think of them.
  • Vroom
  • Brush teeth (it doesn’t sound perfect, but he says something garbled for “brush” and then teeeeef)
  • Eye
  • He can point out his nose, eyes and mouth
  • He boops his nose when someone says “boop”
  • Charlie (although I haven’t heard him say this recently)
  • Ball
  • Please
  • Thank you (again, garbled… but still legit)
  • He signs water, more, milk

It should be mentioned that Hem has THE CUTEST hi/bye wave. He says hi and bye with his squeaky voice and waves like the queen… while rocking the best smile ever. He gives HUGE smoochies and back taps. He’s the sweetest little love I ever did see.

He can turn lights on and off. He pushes his toys, chairs, stools, etc all over the place. Can climb stairs and step stools like a boss. He closes doors. He pulls himself up on everything and walks around holding onto furniture, a hand, legs, etc. He plays catch. He blows kisses. He plays peek a boo and does the hand movements for songs. He’s a buddy to the nth degree.

Likes: Buddy loves balls and OUTSIDE – oh does he love outside. All day he crawls towards the front door at work, points and says “side”. He loves toby and food. He loves mommy and giving smoochies. He loves Grandpa oh so much and gets so so excited to see his Nanny. He loves Charlie, but not her big bear hugs. He LOVES to make trouble in the bathroom: throw things in the tub, open and close the toilet seat, climb up the stool and try to hang from the sink, etc etc. I consequently hate the bathroom.

He loves to play with the doctor kit and his sissy. He loves chugging water. He loves fruit.

Hem is just a lover of life.

Dislikes: Diaper changes. Damn them to hell.

And don’t take the boy’s toy from his hands.

Things I Don’t Want to Forget: OH me oh my. I don’t want to forget our pre-nap snuggles. Hem and I smooch and laugh and play and hug. He gives me the sweetest back taps and pulls my cheeks in to give me big kisses. Sometimes while I’m nursing him (in the pitch black room), he’ll randomly lift his arm up and start waving at me or picking my nose. He’s just so so silly. After I nurse him, while we love on each other, he’ll sometimes cuddle up so tight with his head on my shoulder (while back tapping me) or just smash his squishy cheek against mine. It’s literally the best feeling in the world.

Also, the way he lights up when someone new arrives or when he first sees me in the morning. He waves furiously with this HUGE toothy grin while he says “HI HI HI HI HI.” It’s legit the sweetest ever.

Many times, when he’s playing, he will insist on keeping his paw on my leg or around my neck, just to make sure I stay next to him. He’ll randomly look over and notice me, pull himself up using my shoulders and give me a hug. If I’m really lucky, a hug with the back taps.

This boy is just such a happy little lover. In big crowds, he’s a total observer. He laughs whenever other people laugh and in this way like he totally gets it. Giving eye contact and everything.

He loves to drink from regular cups because he’s such a big boy.

If there was only one word to describe Hem, it would be “buddy”… or “lover”… he’s just such a happy little dude.

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