Mark’s company recently moved downtown, transforming his commute from 5 minutes to up to 50. That, in combo with how busy things have been, has made my life resemble single mother life a bit more (although still so far from it… single momma’s, I salute you! You are superheroes!).

Needless to say, the new status has influenced my mornings (and evenings) to look something like this…

Caption: wtf, baby??

The toddler can smell stress and has catnip-like reactions to anger. It’s just awesome.

BUT, I swear, this is a happy post.

On days like today (when I get over 6 hours of sleep – hello, world!!), our mornings leave me in a sea of glowy rainbows and unicorns.

Both kids were perfect. They listened, they laughed, they helped, they loved on their momma. It was splendid.

Charlie was playing on her bike while I strapped henry in the car seat. “Okay, Charlie… time for you to get in the car.” And now wait for it… she says, “okay mommy. I just put my bike away over here” and she parked her bike back where it belongs and walked over to get into the car.

After I dragged my chin off the floor, I hummed happily all the way to drop c off at school.



The toddler gods were definitely smiling down on me this morning.

So today, instead of feeling like I want to crawl under my desk and hide, I’m happy and smiling and feeling grand.

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