Charlie Chats

Jan-March 2017

Miss Charlotte is filled with hilarious little sayings and just, generally speaking, says the funniest and sweetest things. Here are a handful…

  • I told Charlotte we’d be going to a friend’s house. I listed the people we would see. She said, “and we’ll bring my siser (this is how she says sister), Henry, because he’s my best friend?” And then smooches his head.
  • After dinner and playing with friends, I asked C if she had a good time. “Yes! I come back next week. But now I take a nap in the car.”
  • Hemy (how she pronounces Henry)
  • “I go to my new shool today and bring my lunchbox?” (The first thing C says every morning.)
  • Gergert (yogurt) – this is one of my faves. Sounds German!
  • “I wanna do it all my self pease” (Oy. Miss Independent says it ALL. THE. TIME.)
  • She’s the queen of sing songing. She loves to sing song the nightly routine. “I brush teeth and go potty and snuckle (snuggle)”
  • “Sure!”
  • me: “Charlie, put your hat back on” C: “No, I wanna feel the wind blow in my hair!”
  • I just can’t. (This is her response to everything lately. “I just can’t put that away. I just can’t.)
  • She taught me a Spanish song from school: “Hola, Hola, Como Estas? Bien, Bien, I hope you are, too!” (Who knows if those lyrics are legit, but either way, super cute)
  • “Dat” (Dad) – sad that it’s not always “daddy” anymore…
  • beybor (neighbor) – always, “I do ___ and go see my beybor”
  • Goga (yoga) – they do yoga in school
  • “my new shool” – school
  • “Next week”… this is C’s favorite measurement of time. “I go to a football game with paba next week”… everything next week.
  • “I hurt my chin, but it feel better on fursday” – (fursday=thursday)
  • “You can’t sit with us”… this one is just jerky! BUT, I had to laugh (after the fact) as she told Mimi and Paba that they couldn’t sit with us, as my toddler somehow pulled out this famous, “Mean Girls” quote from her jerky toddler repertoire.
  • “Best friend” – she’s been pretty generous with the BFF designation. Henry, mommy, Teddy, Beckett (adorable little guy from school).
  • “my roller coaster my favorite” – random exclamation while driving to school referring to this roller coaster that’s currently in our basement
  • “ho-wey cow” – Holy cow
  • “Look! Toby has a gina like me!” (gina=vagina)
  • “Wa happened?” (What happened? – This is a statement usually following C breaking something)
  • “Hemy, clap!” “Hemy, crawl!” “Hemy, hold my hand!” (poor little Hemy – Henry – gets a lot of commands barked at him)

April 2017

Some more recent funny thing…

  • The explanation for just about everything is “grooowwwwnups come back” (Daniel Tiger Song)
  • ohhhh kayyyy (when C is conceding)
  • “LEXA, FWOZEN” (we got an Amazon Dot, so Charlotte LOVES to boss around poor Alexa… usually demanding Frozen)
  • “Can we play hide and seek after nap?” – For about a month straight, C kept asking us this at bedtime. She NEVER brought it up in the morning and we never played, but every night, she’d ask us.
  • “Dis really, really, really, really glass!”
  • Nanana = banana
  • Gwabage (garbage)
  • I’m suuuuupaaaman (she says as she RUNS around with her arms behind her like a cape)
  • “I’m going to see Mick-a-Mouse, but not Mick-a-mouse’s dog. Some people like him, but I don’t like him.”
  • “You’re my brover” (brother)
  • “Mommy, I wuv you”… have to remember this, just in case she hates me one day. I love you, too, sweet girl.

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