28 Months!

**HI! Remember me? I started filling this out on 11/22 (a few days after C turned 28 months, but this is as far as a I got. Might as well just post what I have and fill in the blanks in two days when C turns 29 months!! GEEZ.)**

I literally have “a moment” almost daily when communicating with or watching Charlotte. She’s just such a person. She has SUCH personality and opinions (ohhhh the opinions…). She’s got spunk and humor. Just ask her… she’s the funniest person she knows 🙂

Size: While her cheeks are still perfectly squishy, Charlie is definitely losing her baby buddah belly. In terms of height and general size, I’d say she seems pretty in line with her class. She’s wearing 2T, although, I feel like some 2T shirts are too short on her (WHAT THE HECK!).

Clothing/Shoes/Diapers: Oops… I guess I just answered that above. C is in size 2T, size 6 shoes and size 5 dipes.


Potty Training: Charlotte loves to hang out on the potty. She reads Men’s Health Magazine, sings songs, farts (lots of potty farts), and just hangs. But let me tell you what doesn’t happen on the potty… poop and/or pee.

Honestly, I don’t really care… except it’s getting a bit nasty changing those poops. Woof. Also, today at her school lunch, she announced to the table – while everyone was eating – that she was in the process of pooping. So, yeah…

Teeth: C had her first dental visit last week! She did SUCH a great job! She’s also been doing well with toothbrushing. Instead of saying “ahhhh” when I’m brushing her teeth, she’s been making this very aggressive noise. The girl’s goofy!

Sleep: Charlotte LOVES to sleep. Last month (or so), she started napping at school one afternoon a week. It started out a bit rough (some days she wouldn’t sleep at all), but has been improving, with naps as long as an hour and 15. She’s also been doing one afternoon a week with my parents, which has been an adjustment. I think that she is starting to settle into her new schedule and go back to her long naps!

Bedtime Routine: Bedtime routine is still pretty much the same. Although, last night, C asked, “you rub my back with my head on my pillow?” Of course, I said yes. Then, she decided she wanted to rub my back as well, so we laid in bed and she essentially rubbed my arm with her mini fingertips. It was adorable.

Language: Charlotte just said something this morning that made me think that I should write some of her silly phrases down… hmmmm. Here are a few:

  • My mackey – my blankey (this is one of my favorites)
  • It’s wittle? It’s tiny?
  • Me do it! (this one actually makes me crazy)
  • Everybody, no talking! (again, another that makes me crazy!!)
  • No hugging/kissing (when Mark and I hug/kiss)
  • Wanna snuckle?
  • You pumping? (Something about her talking about pumping makes me laugh)
  • Mommy, you shirt pretty! (I LOVE receiving style compliments from Charlotte. The other day I asked her who her friends are… she said, “Chloe! Her shoes pretty!”)



Favorite Foods: 

Favorite Toys:

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