Charlotte-Isms: Part 1

*I wrote this back in July. I will work on Part 2 soon, as her language and silliness has evolved so much since then!**

Charlotte’s language has been exploding lately! She’s gone from knowing maybe 50 words, to having a full vocabulary that she can use to string together 4+ word sentences!

Some of her vocabulary is a bit… unconventional. I thought I’d try to document them so I don’t forget 🙂

  • Baby Wa-Wa (The baby is crying)
  • Baby Shhhh (The baby is sleeping)
  • I want [signs water] (Charlotte will say “I want” but then uses the sign for water)
  • Toby hush!!
  • Ollie shoo shoo!
  • I want apple – sauce. (This is a phrase I hear constantly. Sometimes over the monitor at random hours. The girl LOVES applesauce and truly enjoys saying it.)
  • You want moooor? (Charlotte is a great sharer of food. Even when she enjoys the food she’s sharing, she’ll give you a piece and, as she cocks her head, will ask, “You want moooor??” So cute)
  • It’s biiiiiig! (Everything is big. If she gets a large portion of ketchup, “It’s biiiig”… if we pass a truck, “it’s biiiig” and so on)
  • I want tritch! (I want to see a truck)
  • Henry, seeeee?! Mommy, seeee?! Daddy, seeee?!
  • Dis is my dis!! (This is my ____ – she says as she’s holding something she wants you to see)
  • Dis is mees! (This is mine)
  • Chewy (Charlie)

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