My Little Man

Guys, I know I mostly discuss Charlotte on my blog, but my sweet Henry… He’s just the sweetest little love. Somehow, when I get a few moments to write, it seems that my Charlotte experiences rule the show. 

Anyway, little man. He’s a total button. Loves to snuggle and smiles at anyone and everyone. He loves attention and loves to be coo’d at. 

He’ll hang over your shoulder all day and loves to bounce. He looks bald, but has the sweetest fuzzy head. 

He is an absolutely kissable boy.

He loves holding his head up like a big boy when I’m holding him, but spends every tummy time face down crying. 

He’s my little man and I can’t imagine my world without him.

It must also be noted that he still continues to explosively poop all day, everyday, everywhere. I’m talking 4-5 outfit changing blowouts a day… Not including my outfits (or sheets, or couch cushions) that sometimes also need to be changed.

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