A Sexy Saturday

Today we had friends over for challah French toast brunch (it was a blast)! 

After brunch at our place, it was time to capture Henry’s poop for the doc. Unfortunately, the tiny man is still having liquid diarrhea poops. 

So Saturday afternoon looked like this…

And this…

Yes, that is us catching Henry’s poop in a Tupperware and then spooning it into collection containers. Sexy, right?

After, Mark, Henry and I dropped the stool samples at the doc (while Milly stayed with C – thanks, Milly!). We then went to Whole Foods for another “date”… We had a glass of wine (that we shared) and planned to have a nice relaxing food shopping trip.

Until Henry decided his nap was over.

Cute coos quickly turned into screaming baby, and just like that, date over.

Another sexy Saturday…

4 thoughts on “A Sexy Saturday

  1. I still remember the time that my husband caught Brady’s poop in his hands to save the clean diaper. LOL! This post reminded me of that…
    That sounds like a sexy Saturday for sure! 🙂

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