Today Was Better

I think things are improving. Don’t get me wrong, Charlotte still ran away from me in the school parking lot and had more than a couple whiney meltdowns… BUT, it really felt better. 

By this afternoon, despite waking up from her nap like a total bear, we turned things around and she was a good listener and even quite sweet. She felt a lot more like my girl today. 


And as for my Henry, who I feel like I never get to write about because I’m too distracted, he’s just the sweetest little love. We have such a great routine together and I feel like I know his cries and his patterns. He feels super easy to predict and handle (baby #2 is SO much easier – like a different species). Not to mention the fact that he’s totally just my little love. He’s so smiley and just loves his mommy and is the cutest most kissable little dude (even though his head smells like cradle cap).

Today after we dropped C at school, we went on a quick shopping trip to Old Navy and Nordstrom Rack. Henry was trying to beef up my confidence, and in doing so showed me that I can in fact push a stroller, shop and breastfeed my 12+ lb baby simultaneously. The ultimate multitask.

Look how cute he was helping me pick out clothes in the dressing room…

Apparently he did not approve of whatever I had tried on.

Once we picked C up and put her down for her nap, Henry decided we would spend the remainder of the afternoon snuggling. He wouldn’t have it any other way! 

In conclusion, I got a great little tote from Old Navy and really enjoyed my babies today. Big win.

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